Touching the Pleasure Compass

The #metoo movement is a critical step on the way to establishing intimate justice, equality and respect for women, everywhere. But we can’t stop here, letting the pain of sexual harassment or abuse, define us.

We can and must, as empowered women and caring men, claim our right to a sexually pleasurable life.

But pleasure isn’t really pleasurable if it’s furtive or addictive, coerced or commodified. In the massive marketplace of the West, there’s a deluge of sexualized selling, which the more religious among us often see as a sure sign of sin.

On the other hand, in many traditionally religious cultures, sexual expression is strictly controlled, leading women’s bodies to become battlegrounds for fundamentalist fears of the “evils of the flesh” (and the resulting violence that comes from being at war with embodiment).

We are committed to disrupting both extremes of sexual excess and suppression. Venus Matters to help humans at last claim their birthright as freely, wholly—and holy—pleasurable beings.

True pleasure is revolutionary because tapping its depths requires being sweetly attuned to the present moment. It means that we are consistently cultivating an appreciation for our lives that can withstand the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. Many people, both in the developing world and the relatively rich so-called developed world, are always grasping for the carrot hanging just beyond arm’s length.

Maybe it’s the new job, the beach vacation or the latest iPhone that keeps us forever seeking some future “fix.” Or maybe it’s sugar, alcohol or gambling that even among the poor, can end up consuming a considerable portion of household income.

Whatever it is you think you need to be happy, it’s easy to get caught up in the pursuit of future, superficial pleasures as an escape from present difficulties.

Real pleasure is something different.

It’s the pleasure of seeing cumulous clouds back-lit by the sun, like a giant sky-cathedral. The pleasure of consciously breathing richly oxygenated air into our lungs. The pleasure of a baby smiling into her mother’s eyes. The pleasure of saying grace before a meal shared with loved ones. The pleasure of contagious laughter. The pleasure of a deep delicious kiss, with no other agenda than to delight in lips meeting luscious lips.

The pleasure, indeed, of simply being alive.

The more we appreciate and cultivate these simple pleasures, the richer we are—no matter how big or small our bank account. So this new year, let’s find our own precious orientation to pleasure…dare to claim your birthright as a pleasurable being!

Screw outdated scriptures that try to curtail our natural, unique sensual expression—divine pleasure is everyone’s God-given right.

When we care, deeply, for ourselves and for each other, we naturally cultivate a more pleasurable life for all. Pleasure is even an antidote to war—because the truth is (if given the choice) the vast majority of humans would rather break bread together than bomb each other.

No pleasure is sustainable that wrecks havoc in someone else’s world. No pleasure is real that diminishes ourselves or another.

True pleasure is a compass pointing to what is good and holy and supremely nourishing. Following the sacred strands of pleasure, we enter a divine temple of flesh and bones: God’s greatest gift—the gift of life itself.

Have a wonderfully pleasurable year!


Jules Cazedessus

Founder & CEO

Venus Matters


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