Sexy woman in lingerie laying on bed on a Venus Matters Mat

Welcome to the Pleasure Revolution

Our recent photo shoot is no doubt too sexy for some. And while we totally get why people can be uncomfortable with overtly sexual marketing (the excess of which mars much of current media), there’s nothing wrong with sexiness or powerful attraction in itself. In fact, one of Venus Matters’ missions is to support humans in expanded and uninhibited pleasure so we’re proud of how sexy these shots turned out.

You see, we believe pleasure is not only revolutionary, it’s humanity’s saving grace. To do good is actually supremely pleasurable. That’s why when more people lead truly pleasurable lives, there will be less acts of violence, less spousal abuse, less mass murders. It could be argued that fundamentalism is a forestalling of Earthly pleasures for the promise of distant pleasures in an afterlife (jihadists are promised scores of virgins in “heaven”). But such faulty thinking stems from the false split between spirit and matter. No god would have created human beings with so much of our machinery oriented towards sensory delight—touch, sight, smell and hearing—if pleasure were evil. In fact, pleasure is the natural result of a sustainable and regenerative life—a life built on good relationships (with self and other). When more intimate relationships, families and communities ground and nourish themselves in what is good and pleasurable, peace will prevail on Earth.

That’s why Venus Matters. With each Venus Mat, we proudly help lay sacred ground for women (and men) to heal from neglect or sexual abuse and commune in the body temple (while befriending body fluids).

One of the challenges in launching Venus Matters is in addressing our different niches. First, we want to welcome girls into becoming young women at the onset of their fertility with more than a box of sanitary pads (our founder has written about honoring menarche in her previous blog here). We also want to support women with heavy flows or “free bleeders”—those women who prefer not to use products whenever possible—helping them to protect the sheets when products fail or aren’t desirable. After all, no one likes scrubbing break-through bleeding out of expensive sheets or worrying about keeping tampons in overnight (which is not advised, toxic shock is still a threat).

We also want women who feel aroused during their periods to be able to make love with dignity and unbridled delight any time they like. In addition, some women gush or squirt during sex. This fluid is called amrita in the tantric tradition and is thought to be highly powerful both spiritually and physically. While the porn industry may have tried to cash in on fetishizing female ejaculation, the UK recently banned its depiction—even though female ejaculation naturally occurs for upwards of 10% of women. So we want to reach these women too, helping them feel more at ease with this natural process (and despite what a few studies purport, it’s not just pee but more on that in another blog). Plus we want to help close the orgasm gap which in heterosexual couples has women climaxing approximately one-third of the time their male counterparts do, even in the same act! Making love on a Venus Mat allows people of every sexual preference to relax, focusing on their pleasure and each other (not the bedding).

Last but not least is our devotion to new mothers. We’re proud to support the birth process with Venus Mats to soak up the considerable amount of fluid when a woman’s water breaks, as well as with postpartum recovery at home for mama and baby (with a lot less laundry).

Of course, Venus Mats are also great for the very young or the elderly who struggle with incontinence (one customer proudly uses a Venus Mat in her wheelchair and one on the couch so as to avoid the discomfort of adult diapers or the look of hospital pads). We also plan on launching a square Venus Mat as well to assist with hospice care (since it’s easier to change bedding for the infirmed with corners to grab onto) honoring that final chapter of life.

We’ve been told to narrow our focus and choose one or two niches—and maybe that’s true for the short run. But Venus Matters stands for something bigger than just marketing strategies. We wish to serve many more people in our mission of honoring all of life’s cycles. Life is wonderfully messy, let’s celebrate that!

Perhaps one day we will create an online store that has both an under 18 and above 18 portal but for now, we stand strong in our belief that sex can be hot *and* holy. In the meantime, we don’t believe hiding a healthy sexuality from the young is the way to go. Indeed, it’s time we changed the way sex education occurs in the USA (which, with one of the world’s highest abortion rates, is clearly inadequate).  It’s also imperative that we find a way to end sexual abuse—still far too common in our society.

We truly believe that at the root of these social problems is the need to revolutionize how we experience pleasure and inhabit our bodies. Men and women deserve to feel sovereign and supported, free to make the choices that best align with a sustainable, regenerative and pleasurable life. That’s why we donate a portion of our profits to organizations working for women’s reproductive health and happiness worldwide.

So you see what a big mission Venus Matters has with this pretty and practical product. Thank you for being here and today and every day, please take some time to relax into *your* body by joining the #PleasureRevolution!


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